CKS Lublin

Conceptual corporate identity design for the Centre for the Meetings of Cultures (CSK) in Lublin. LOGO - the idea The proposed project refers to the mission of the institution, responding to its most important points: "[...] We are building space based on the infinite history of the theater [...]. Transformations [...] can be a reference for continuous development, perseverance, forging weakness into strength,  flexibility and openness to the world and people with their creative ideas, which will co-create the rising institution (cooperation and participation, migration and permeation). " To include such a wide range of ideas in one symbol we decided to create a logo that is "alive" and constantly changes, and adjusts to the users - receivers and creators. Each version of the logo consists of floating and mobile elements of Centre identification. LOGO - AN OPEN LIBRARY of symbolic characters - the elements of identification. Division: 1. communication channels / the idea of ​​building bridges / way (method, exploration, experiment) 2. roomy place / hospitable place for differences / highway / meeting space 3. Culture roots (roots and routes) / roots (rhizome) / community / transculturalism 4. natural environment / lifestyle / aesthetics of everyday life 5. - ... open space to allow co-creation and development of identification symbols, indefinitely. Contribution in the logo creation by visitors of the  Center is an idea that would allow to participate in the development of the Institution, in active way. The open form of the logo gives a space for symbolic elements of identification. It allows modifications of the logo, keeping its recognizable elements. GENERATOR OF FULL LOGO FORM - application key Creation of a logo that changes and transforms, requires an innovative approach in terms of the production. That is why we created a simple application through which users could create the logo from the selected items. The logo would be formed according to certain rules, however, co-founder would have an active contribution in its creation. For example, by selecting the symbols. The application also enables the selection of the size of the logo and the space for the symbols. Compliting the library of the symbols with the characters created by the visitors of the Center, would be the culmination of the co-created logo idea.


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