Monidło Restaurant

Visual identification for restaurant. We have been designing logos for restaurants many times before, however Monidło was quite of a challenge. We had to create a sign for a traditional and elegant restaurant, yet with the hint of fribble. Monidło is a restaurant based in Poznań, Poland. Monidło serves classic polish and regional cuisine dishes and adjusts the menu to seasonal variations and family recepies of their friends. „MONIDŁO” is a wedding portrait based on a hand-colored photograph of the bride and bridegroom. Our idea was to create a portrait but with ducks. The claret color reminds of wine, beetroot or cherry. All connected with a great food. All photographs by courtesy of Monidło Owners. Authors: Basia Frąckowiak, Magda Adamczewska, Kamila Szuba, Mariusz Forecki.


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