Poznań Grand Theatre assigned us the task of preparing illustrations to Feliks Nowowiejski’s opera and ballet entitled “The King of Winds op. 37”. 
Such tasks pose an exciting challenge to us. How to display the splendour of opera and ballet in illustration? We were directed by subdued colours and an aura of mysteriousness. The graphic design for the event was taken care of by the duo Maciej Bogunia / Magdalena Ośko from the Flucto studio. “The King of the Winds, the setting of which was moved from the Tatra mountains to the rather unclear Fairy-Tale Mountains, is a love story of an engaged couple of young shepherds Lelua and Perlowic who cannot achieve full happiness, because they are bothered by: the King of the Winds waiting for the virtue of the beautiful shepherd lady and the grotesque Count trying to take advantage of the feudal ‘right of the first night’ (what is more spicy is that the King is in a relationship with the Queen of Darkness, and the Count with the beautiful Emnilda)...” 
text: Iwona Fokt / Marcin Gmys


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